Your Career Now

Priorities and Career Reflections

There will always be some degree of tension between the competing demands in your life. What matters most to you right now?

In reality, there's no magic formula that will help you give exactly the right amount of time to all your competing demands. Invariably, life involves choices – and the choices are up to you. Priorities influence choices; and priorities will change as your focus shifts and different things demand and hold your attention – sometimes these are at the expense of other priorities in your life. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. You may actually be happiest when you're pursuing something that you feel passionate about, even if it means that your life is not balanced and your other priorities get less attention. It's about making choices that are right for the time and circumstances of your life.

In this section:

What are your priorities?


What other priorities/competing demands do you currently have in your life?

  • Make a list of all the things that matter most to you right now. Identify the top three.
  • In light of your top three, are you enjoying where you are spending your time at the moment?

Your Career Reflection

Whatever your responses are to the activity below, they will help you appreciate and understand where your career is now. Bear these answers in mind as you consider whether you are ready for something new or not. Planning and setting goals for the next stage in your career is the focus of the next section.


Review your answers to the questions from the above Activity in regards to your priorities and consider the following points before moving on to the Next Stage in Your Career section:

  • Does your progress and achievements to date align with your expectations?
  • Have the choices you have made to date moved you towards your goal or vision for your future?
  • Do you feel satisfied with how you are spending your time?
  • What makes work enjoyable for you/inspires/motivates you?
  • What are your frustrations at your progress?
  • What challenges still exist?