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Meeting Career Expectations

When you think about high quality performance in your field (or role), what really matters and what is expected? 

To perform well/succeed, you need to know what is expected of you. In certain roles, the job description describes the essential functions, tasks, and responsibilities of the job. However, generally, performance expectations go beyond the job description and can be broken into two categories; results (what is produced) and actions (methods and means used) plus behaviours and values demonstrated in achieving the results. 

In this section:

UNSW expectations

What are the expectations for academics and researchers at UNSW? There's a number of different resources that are available online which outline what you need to know.

Additional resources:

  • UNSW Behaviours

    At UNSW we want to build a “culture” that is excellent, innovative and collaborative amongst other things. But what do we really mean when we say this?

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  • UNSW myCareer

    myCareer provides guidance and structure for employees and conversation leaders to discuss role expectations, careers, goals, development options and performance feedback.

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  • UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan

    The UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan sets out the priorities and themes that will guide us over the next decade as we position ourselves as 'Australia’s Global University'.

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Discipline or professional expertise expectations

What are your discipline or professional expertise expectations?

Additional resources:

  • Academic Promotion

    Information about UNSW Promotion Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.

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  • Performance Review

    Information about UNSW academic staff performance review procedures.

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  • The Three-ring Circus of Academia: How to Become the Ringmaster

    This article focuses on strategies faculty members can develop to meet the three big demands of academia: research, teaching, and service.

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  • Never quite good enough: The paradox of sticky developmental relationships for elite university graduates

    Drawing on the mentoring, education, and social psychology literatures, this longitudinal study examines how the persistence of developmental relationships from an elite graduate school influences subjective career outcomes during early career.

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